the bean head family

We are a crazy bunch, living it up in the great northwest. We the beanheads live, laugh and love even in the rain. We love being parents and love each other.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Oh Man no time

I guess I should start out by saying sorry to all my fans out there that it has been over two weeks since I last "blogged". Where do you find the time.... Plus I was sick last week. WAAA..
I knew you would all understand, since its just my family that reads this.
I haven't figured out how to send pictures. I knew this was going to be too much for me but I have got to get Chuck to show me. We have some cute ones.
So anyone have big plans for Halloween? Tonight we are going to carve pumpkins and I need to make Iris's costume I still don't know what she should be. It is so darn cold here she can't really be anything that shows skin not that she would but you know what I mean. Here is my only idea so far, get a pink sweat suit and make a tutu and some black slippers that lace up here leg. Boom a ballerina! Easy and I don't have to sew too much.
Okay Mary I just read your blog now I know what you mean....Sorry I am the slow one.

1. I don't like things and or hands touching my neck. Makes me panic and want to attack!

2. I am obsessed with making sure my ears are clean. I always feel like they are full of orange sludge.

3. I can't get enough of gossip magazines and the E channel it is my secret little obsession that makes Charlie crazy. But I can't go a day with out knowing when Katie and Tom Cruis are getting Married!!! Just kidding. But really I love that stuff.

4. I talk to myself. All the time. Mostly at work when I have lots of thigs to remember but I also talk to myself when I am driving.

5. When I am concentrating I stick my tongue out and touch my top lip. My friend calls me a tongue thinker.

6. I hate doing laundry. My family knows this but I used to put my laundry in with moms so she would wash them for me. You would also be really embarrassed for me if you saw the state of my laundry now. Sometimes it makes me cry just thinking about it.

7. I still have toenail polish on my two big toes from June.

8. I make this weird clicking noise with my thumb nail and my teeth. Its kinda a nervous habit.

9. I like the smell of my BO. And my left armpit smells really bad and my right armpit doesn't smell at all. Weird huh!

10. I pick my noise when I drive. And pretty much all the time.

Wow that was fun. Please don't think of me any differently I hardly know you. Unless you are the McSista tribe.

Monday, October 16, 2006


This weekend our family went to a nearby pumpkin patch and had so much fun! Our first stop at the farm was a big open field with maybe twenty baby pigs being chased by kids. How could we resist, we touched the pigs and listened to the squeal and grunt and we followed them around. We were in hog heaven!!! Our next stop was the bunny cages and right beyond them was a large chicken coup. There was a lot going on and lots of people. Iris and I went in a straw maze with a tire horse and a dark scary room and a slide. Then we picked out our most perfect pumpkins! We had a good time. I love the fall!